Feb. 9th, 2002

settling in

Feb. 9th, 2002 09:18 pm
Well I added a graphic and changed the colour scheme a bit.

I have a friend! Which is cool. Although, sniff, I feel so pitiful and sad and last on the boat to only have one. It's tempting to go get other people addicted to online journals.

On the other hand, it makes reading entries fast and easy. I'm not really sure I entirely *get* the whole LJ friends thing, except for the friends-only entries. It's so much pressure! Either that or too long at other journal sites without friends. :)

This week I've had many occasions to shake my head and bite my tongue at friends too. M. left me not one, not two, but three messages about gaming. I've explained several times now that I fully support her gaming, love to chat characters with her, blah blah blah, but I am not roleplaying table-top (indeed, I don't think I am roleplaying at all right now) until I have some kind of assurances that said roleplay will not result in some bizarre multiple thing. And actually, now that I get to live my life as me (albeit sharing it with people) I don't feel the need to roleplay. I am in no way implying that all, most, or even a significant percentage of roleplayers are roleplaying because they have no lives. I'm just saying that a large part of the appeal for me in the past was to express my unique Shandra-ness as opposed to Jenn-ness, and right now is not when I want to explore what else it was.

On a bad day my entire life is a roleplaying session anyway. What would "Jenn" say in this situation? Will this gain her sufficient experience points to advance to the next career level? Are these IC or OOC politics? You Be The Judge!! :)

I'm going to open this journal to the whole system to use. I should have set it up under someone else's name as per usual, something more generic, but I didn't. However I used Lyria's graphic at left so maybe that will serve as an invitation. I suppose I should do a hasty cast list so not everyone has to visit the site (which I should also add to the template.)


Us - see below, 31 year old multiple, happily married, &c.

Teresa - My good twin, almost seriously. She's good and generally nice to people, keeps up good appearances, writes, is responsible, and a good wife in most things.

Lyria - Think Phoebe on Friends mixed with actual spiritual person and you have an idea. She's actually not stupid, but it's hard to remember that sometimes. She also is very upbeat and caring and shit like that.

Lynn - Queen of Darkness and Destruction. Lynn is a multiple in her own right (a multiple in a multiple) and so sometimes I call her "the Lynns." Lynn is to the Lynns as Jenn (our body name) is to us. There are other various Lynns who have coughed up their names, notably Magdalynn. (I keep waiting for a Carolynn, Madelynn, etc. ad nauseum *snicker*) But I call 'em Lynn unless they specifically say who's talking. I should drop out of my usual smarmy tone just to say that they have had fucking lousy experiences and are very cool and strong. Just a little, err, obsessive.

Channah - 13 (?) year old can-do pre-pubescent-angst youth, who's pretty neat-o (as she would say).

Amie - 6-7 yr old fairy barbie loving child of snuggly mornings and Groovy Girl collections.

Eternally Damned - technically a Lynn, about Amie's age, thinks she has no soul and is obsessed with ghosts and death and shit like that.

JJ - smarmy hyper intelligent wench. :) Okay I like her fine, but she often fits into the bitch category for the "well didn't you know _that_" aspect of things.

Karen - missing in action since she hooked up with the wrong crowd, but she was very precise and prim and proper.

Joy - 9? Another one of the happy children. Hence Joy.

Marai - toddler being nurtured by Lyria. One of those weird crossover RP moments was apparently when Lyria had Marai on PernMUSH, but I missed it.

Warrior caste - a group of us (me included) who function as "protectors" if you want to use the trauma terms. We are generally therefore mouthy bitches who have no problem getting in anyone's face, have saviour complexes, etc.

Amber - my second-in-command of the warrior caste. 14 year old girl with attitude, need I say more?

Me! - queen of the warrior caste. Oddly I've only known that for the last 2 years but it explains _much_ about me, including why I'm a mouthy bitch and have a tendency at times to overreact. Since I'm sane the other 90% of the time, it confuses people. I'm working on it. All the "multiple roles" that we all have (Teresa the good girl, JJ the brains, Lynn the hidden knife that slaughters you in the dark) are gradually wearing off as we're sorting it out, or at least, we're adding to them. I suppose all this journalling is a big part of that.

Now see, if you're confused, go read the fucking site. There's a link in the entry prior to this which will have to do while I get my act together, which is a slow and tedious thing, since we all have things we want to do. :)




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