Feb. 18th, 2002

Okay. Why oh why do I continually bother to get involved with people I know are drama queens and then get annoyed at the drama? (she said, dramatically)

It's fucked. I suppose it's that 'save the world' issue all over again.

So to distract myself from the latest High Drama (the details of which are not interesting, trust me) I read up a bit on Illuminati programming, on the off chance that maybe there is some abuse in my background after all (*snicker*) and shit. It was a little scary, so I stopped reading about it. I read it 'cause someone emailed me to ask about Teresa's essay on the Empowered Multiple and if we'd ever considered ritual abuse victims since writing it.

I swear this is fast becoming our most published work - this is the fourth site to ask for it, and we've already been paid cash once. I am opposed to getting known as a multiple before Resa's books are finished. It would ruin the plot of the second, for one thing.

Luckily all the bizarre internet multiple quirkness things were offset by a fucking pile of concerts. Radu Lupu (playing Beethoven, Enescu, and Schumann) was cool and we were seated on stage, front row. Talk about drama queens, we'd luckily done the shimmer-gel hair-glitter thing and worn a gold top so I amused myself tilting my head hither and yon to make sure the odd sparkle would come off us. It was only this morning (Monday; concert was Saturday) that I realized that not once did I imagine myself as Shandra, Weyrwoman of the Universe sitting at a command performance. Several years ago this would have been de rigeur. So much for an active fantasy life!

However Amie adored the ballet we saw Sunday (Romeo and Juliet) and twirled around several times in the lobby. Nothing like a 165 lb 5'8" woman twirling around to make her dress go out... oh yeah. Fortunately for us no one saw or I'm sure the director of the National Ballet would have dropped to his knees and begged us to join the troupe. Now there's an active fantasy life statement LOL.

I'm being forced to listen to the Stigmata soundtrack again. Please God, all I ask is that the Lynns not have "Hallelujah" (either the Leonard Cohen or Rufus Wainwright versions) in mind next or I swear I _will_ rip up some of their lesbian erotica collection.

I think I'll use the quick LJ format to record what we're eating and doing exercise wise because something fucked is up; we've now lost 18 lbs since Xmas and I swear I do not know why. So today:

1) Breakfast - slice of toast with peanut butter
2) Lunch - cheddar cheese and cucumber sandwich btw multigrain bread
3) snack - handful of Sky's microwaved popcorn (light, I think)
4) dinner - 3 pieces of Lyr's homemade whole wheat pizza with red peppers, black olives, garlic, mushrooms, capers, and no cheese, drizzled with olive oil; 2 truffles (!) from the Valentine's Day gift set
5) 3 coffees, 3 herbal teas, 1 martini, various glasses of water

Exercise - 25 min on the rowing machine



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