Jun. 25th, 2002

um yeah

Jun. 25th, 2002 05:20 pm
Well so I never recorded my eating or exercise and didn't update in forever - how typical. I do have some things to update but I just got told to go home, so I think I will, and do it later.
So, voila, livejournal update time.

Things are going really well. This summer seems to be the summer of the yard, so we have put down sod and done a lot of cleanup and just now I am in the midst of painting a fence... well... I got interrupted last weekend by forecasts of rain and now am planning to finish off either evenings (but not tonight for reasons to be detailed below) or next weekend. Also to make jam next weekend!

Writing-wise. Have I mentioned my system is working together to become a writer? I am not the head writer. If anything I am the nasty agent that makes people sit down and write. But as opposed to fighting the trend and making people miserable forcing them into law classes, I am giving the writing thing a try this year. We are planning to leave our job at the end of the summer (insert much angst, some economic, more social/calvinistic), which we can do because Carl's job is going well & pays okay, and also because we've been living increasingly simply. But I am not convinced it won't all come to fucking ruin, so the real proof will be in the letter of resignation actually crossing anyone's desk.

Tonight I'm waiting for a friend to call me, to whom I apologized via web journal (well... I wrote a real, paper letter, on nice stationary, but then I didn't have her new address and dissolved into tears and left an incoherent message on her work voice mail.) This I suppose signals some reconciliation with some of the shit we have pulled on people during the last two years of sorting out being multiple. Not all of it, but Marjorie is a person with whom to start. Because she's one of my oldest & dearest friends whom I & the system treated badly two summers ago. And we owe it to her to at least acknowledge that & see where things go. We flipped out at her wedding, if you want the summary, and then couldn't deal with the guilt of it so never called her back.

System-wise things are changing fast. Lynn is changing sometimes, and sometimes taking a big step back into her belief structure, and the rest of us are waffling with the slow realization that yes, duh, bad shit happened.

And hmm. I have a very wordy extensive journal here too that involves lots of Internet Drama and things, but this livejournal is sort of a middle ground where different people can post. Apparently they have not. :)

I think that about sums it up. Oh. Saw the new Star Wars at last. I don't really care if the dialogue sucked (when did it not?) or Hayden Christian was wooden... maybe because I have met slave-boy equivalents and they have seemed wooden to me. So thumbs up for it. I liked how the good guys were manipulated all over the place and the perennial Lucas theme of parental bonding lost. Not great art, but decent enough I thought. Thank god for the (mostly) lack of Jar-Jar.




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