Sep. 2nd, 2002


Sep. 2nd, 2002 07:32 pm
Okay, I know it's stupid and even a bit strange but I really, really like having a totally clean kitchen, like new aluminum foil under the burners and all the jars polished up. That happened 'cause I was sorting out some things (I found a pile of Carl's old love letters to me/us from Italy hee) and my mother called, and she wanted to talk and talk and talk so rather than being between "stuff that brings back memories" and her I followed the phone cord around into the kitchen and got going. Then I sat in the middle of it and admired the gleam.

Carl put the siding up on the back entrance/shed and it looks fabulous. Wow. Amazing. Of course as I teased him, it only breeds more house repair projects like fixing up the inside of it and adding a light and things.

September always seems like the real new year; I suppose it's the last vestiges of the academic calendar in my brain. This year is definitely a time of change as I hand in my resignation tomorrow. I also as a whole part of the "creative discipline" routine am planning to set up a real exercise program. Swimming will be key, since Carl's MRI for his knee isn't until October (welcome to Canada) and so it looks like no high impact stuff right through into winter. So much for our tennis dates, but swimming will do, especially as I then want to re-cert all my lifeguard stuff.

The cookbook is coming along nicely. I really should call it a food book though. It's so weird that's what's finishing off first.

I also spent some time scanning pictures - it was scary. They're up at my regular oft-linked-to journal at diary-x.

Eek dinner!



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