Jun. 5th, 2006

I'm posting this in my LJ today because LJ staff? volunteers? whoever apparently decreed that default user icons that show a baby breastfeeding are not okay if they show part of the pink/brown part of the boob.

I'm not participating in the blackout that some people are doing nor am I making a breastfeeding picture an icon in any way, shape, or form. But I do think that breastfeeding is just... feeding a baby.

I understand that in our society breasts are generally sexual and that they make people uncomfortable... although I'd argue that really low-slung jeans that almost show pubic hair and definitely show ass are even more sexual and they're not getting covered up much these days. Plus I have owned shirts that showed almost as much tit as breastfeeding does, except for the 4 seconds it takes to latch on, and cover up after.

Why do I feed Noah in public at all? Because there's not a lounge around, is the answer. (Or my car is parked far away.) I don't think that Noah and I need to not go places because he doesn't drink from a bottle, so we breastfeed more or less anywhere you'd feed a baby a bottle, except we find a quiet corner and use a blanket-sort-of or a sling.

No one likes a screaming baby much either, and believe me, that's what happens if you don't feed 'em. :)

I do think it's sad that bottle feeding is a very common image for "feeding a baby" and breastfeeding is not so common because - gasp! - it involves breasts. (And because formula companies are not paying for the pictures.) Other people feel even more strongly about this and that's why they want their breastfeeding pictures up.

I think LJ is being rather silly in its application of the rules. If a baby's on the breast, the mother is wearing a baby, not naked. :) Time to get over it, LJ. But meanwhile, LJ is fine with icons that -aren't- the default ones being breastfeeding ones. So I get that they are compromising.

(However, -however- you feed your baby, as long as it's a pretty decent way, is fine with me. This is not a salvo in the feeding wars.)

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