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Quick career update 'cause I'm half dead this morning. :) I've had to lock about three entries in my diary-x about work because I'm a little concerned about someone getting bad news in it about their job. Hemmed and hawed about this journal and decided to mention just generally that we were offered a full time position with a goodly portion of writing and editing in it due to a staff shuffle about to occur somewhere, with what ended up to be a $7k salary increase over what we make now in it.

It took a lot of thought and some system negotiation but we decided to back down from the full time writing plan and take the job, mostly because it has professional editorial experience in it and because we can always leave. I think this job will be infinitely less stressful than what we've been doing, which should free up some energy.

Both heartbreaking and exciting, that decision. As a part of negotiating the change we also agreed to reprioritize - us doing fewer chores, more writing at home kind of thing - so it's not a full stop, but definitely a 'slow down.' One interesting thing I found out about myself is that it is so hard to believe in a future. One friend said "you will still have your writing in two years." And that was so true, but hard to believe.

So we stay in the marketing position until mid to late Oct (they discovered they weren't ready for us to go) and then off to new things in Nov.
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