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Wow I should update here. :) Let's go wild with cut tags.

The bad news is that the senior editor was let go (she made a lot more than I will, plus I will be working 3 days editorial/2 days community, with a goodly amount of production thrown in for good measure). It's really rough on her; she's an amazing person and coworker too so that makes it harder. Although it's true that since we have little money for freelance her job has been boring. Boring for her, but an opportunity for me. Still, it's pretty stressful to be working across from the person I'm replacing until the end of the month.

That's what we decided, but there has been some stress as we try to stuff everyone's plans back into a regular working schedule. It was a really great idea to hire a housekeeper but I find myself feeling a little bit like I can't let someone into our crazy home to clean. I hope I'll get over it... after we use some of our money for a vacation this Christmas. I hope.

I have really waffled about whether it was a good decision or not. Financially it's a huge relief, and I sort of like still having the rhythm and routine to our days. But some days it has felt like a trap. That might be 'cause we're not actually doing any new work yet, through.

SARK was not able to come for dinner 'cause we're too far from the city centre, but we are her special guests on Saturday, whatever that means. We are at home today trying to get Lyr's book really finished, although it hasn't gone that well. We'll see if it happens. If not we'll give her some jam instead, which she might appreciate more, and send her a copy later.

We are really lousy at finishing books though and I think this needs to be addressed. Although I'll admit that on the original plan we'd have had our last day Monday and would have been a lot more motivated to be working on it.

I started aerobics on Monday and was supposed to start yoga on Tuesday but I was distracted by my aunt's visit. I'll start next week instead. It is wonderful. I want to add at least one more class/commitment into the week but I may wait for the fall term and just keep up with the lackadaisical swimming 'til then.

Over the last two years I've been more or less peripherally involved in the Dark Personalities community, and dropping in to read a few other ones, keeping up on other multiples' sites and journals and things. I do like meeting other multiples; there are a number of things that you can share with them that singletypes just plain don't get. And it's very affirming and helpful to do that.

At the same time I am slowly coming to the conclusion that probably 80% of multiples are just really fucked up. I'm not saying that I'm not; many days I would have to include myself in that. But I am in therapy and holding down a full time job and the system writes and we have a good marriage and a pleasant home. In other words, I'm multiple, but I have a life I'm enjoying. But a lot of the multiples I have met are really not functioning one way or another.

I'm a little discouraged, because a few multiples are agitating for coming out and presenting positive images of multiplicity and all that. And fundamentally I agree; multiples are around in all facets of life doing great things quietly, and it is hard to have to stand behind the "mooody/creative/spacey" label and not relate as real people. But at the same time when so many multiples I know are fucked up, I wonder if it's really a good thing to agitate for positive images. Because many of those multiples are putting it on society, when really it's an excuse to sit around on the net all day. In the frustrated words of one of my friends, "if you can email and IM all day there's a job for you out there."

So... I don't know. It's something to think about, though; do I want to pull back from hanging around with people that might be supporting each other in staying in patterns that mess up their lives, just because we have common experiences? I really can't say yet but it is on my mind.

Tonight is the Festival of Authors volunteer training, though, and boy am I looking forward to that! Not that the training will be exciting, but the people at the sign up session were interesting and they'll be there again. Yay.




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