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Well I guess it's about time to update over here too. :)

I'm liking being an editor, even if it's a very basic sort. The rest of it has been nuts.

It's not just time; it's the sheer number of things for which I'm responsible at once. In the last three weeks I have implemented a new ad banner server including migrating all the client info (without a snag ha) and started a new editorial job, in between doing my old job and then training my replacement.

It is interesting how editing really does ask questions other things do not, such as "am I squelching this author's voice if I remove this?" It's a totally different headspace. For me that's quite literal; I can make those decisions but I find them frustrating. Teresa, on the other hand, wields Word's editorial tools gracefully and manages to trim articles pretty niftily with (for her) surprisingly little second-guessing. So we're trading off a lot more. It makes me feel a little panicky; sort of like I'm disappearing.

All things considered I'm really, really happy with how things worked out. The experience itself even if it ended today has been such a huge boost - not just to be the editor but to make it through the transition from my old job.

The volunteering at the International Festival of Authors was a lot of fun and I want to do it all again next year. I met so many cool people - the handshake sort of meet - and had conversations with two authors that Teresa, I think, took to heart. Couldn't ask for more, really.

On the home front things are going - swell. *grin* I had to come up with a 1950s adjective because it's just so peaceful. Plus Lyria is making Christmas cookies every few days (freezing them for doling out later) and that makes it seem very domestic. We're off to Ottawa this weekend to introduce my dog to my sister's new puppy so they'll get along forever after. I'm not sure yet whether we'll see my niece & nephews. I need a break. We are talking to them every few days on the phone.

Carl's knee though is in bad shape - he tore the ACL and will probably have to have surgery. That sucks, plus it means no skating this winter. At least not together. And that's one of the nicest things about winter in Toronto; meeting downtown and skating and then getting some lattes. So that really sucks. The whole thing, of course, sucks, especially for him, but that's the piece that I'm focused on right now.

That's the news that's fit to print. Well. Something similar, vaguely.

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