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As usual it's past time for an update. Whee.

Things settled down at work finally somewhat. I love my new job. I still have residual guilt over my old job and my replacement is settling in very well... so that makes me feel a little incompetent, when I bother to notice. Mostly I don't because I'm busy noticing how we're doing as editors.

I have rediscovered that Teresa knows a ton more about writing than I do. What a wench. :)

December is its own unique rocky road that we are navigating as best we can. I hate trauma shit. I hate to admit that I was ever at all affected by anything that may or may not have happened to us. But - months like this remind me that I don't always get what I want. :) Some of my crew (our crew, our crew) is all bugfuck about this being the time of year they used to go fuck relatives and some are all hoping Santa Claus will come down the chimney when they're AWAKE. Heh. The rest of us fall mainly in the middle with various coping mechanisms to keep the noise to a dull roar.

Mine seem to centre around sex, rock and roll, the occasional scotch, and getting nostalgic for PernMUSH of all the bizarre things (addictions past present and future perhaps; NC being firmly in the 'past' category). Other people's involve eclairs and chips. I have decided to deal with it in January - not the healthiest way to do things but hey.

Carl had knee surgery (minor) and it looks like he can avoid major surgery but has to wear a brace. That and the loss of one of the leaders of our organization at work have reminded me that time and life can be short. Watching Carl lying on a hospital bed coming out of anasthesia sort of made me think of how it may be that we spent more and more time with each other in hospital as we age and things, and that was both incredibly cosy and incredibly scary. But the together part is always amazing.

Many of my friends are in hard holiday places so much tinsel for you all to have glittering anyway.




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