Mar. 10th, 2002


Mar. 10th, 2002 09:39 pm
Writing what I eat apparently is not only boring to read, it is to update, so fuck that. :) Although tonight I had ful, some kind of Egyptian/middle eastern fava bean dish Lyria unearthed. It was pretty good. It consisted of fava beans, onion, garlic, cumin, mint, tomato, and lemon juice.

Also a few glasses of wine, so.

Weird things are happening. It is Easter time (Lent to Easter) and so for a (inhale deeply) religiously abused system like mine it becomes a kind of a tightwire act - will we fuck up before Easter, or make it through. Perhaps this explains why I've logged into PernMUSH a few times this week - utter insanity.

I saw Brotherhood of the Wolf which is a decent French film if one is willing to entirely suspend disbelief and just roll with it, and not mind the Matrix-like fighting set in pre-revolutionary France. The truly *intriguing* thing about it was the religious aspects... spoiler alert. The Vatican and the King are kind of squabbling and a renegade priest sets up a sort of cult and it takes an Iroquois shaman to fight it out, along with his totem spirit wolves. Err, yeah. But there was an Italian prostitute-fortuneteller (later found to be mysteriously working for the Pope, or maybe the Rosicrucians) who fucked the hero sexily _and_ cut him with her dagger _and_ licked the blood off the knife _and_ later he had a dream he was on a very Celtic looking altar while she drove her knife right into him and sacrificed him.

For Lynn, this was a really great movie. I have been on sexual overdrive since, and _she_ is nearly _insane_ with it.

Speaking of Lynn, some people have written in their diary-xs that they are in love with her and that she has expressed motherhood perfectly. That is fucking scary. As far as I know she hasn't talked to this system at all. This makes no fewer than 5 multiples who have some kind of Lynn fixation, and that's not counting the reciprocal ones. What is it about her? I feel sort of slighted, like the left out boring sister or something. Sigh. And yet I would not want to be queen of the night.

One person even claimed she visited them on the astral plane. I don't think so. She just laughed.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, uh huh.

In normal news, Carl and I did go for a long drive up to Lake Simcoe today for a change of pace. The waves and ice were incredible. The drive itself is pretty boring, up from Toronto, but there are some kind of nice towns along the way. We found a B&B I think we would like to try out. Maybe over Easter, although I don't know if we really want to spend the money right now. We're saving for motorcycles. :) The weather is almost good enough now to go take our class M1 licenses. Wooo.




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