Jul. 29th, 2002

I'm still working on the whole comments/LJ cut tag thing. Maybe this is because my fuller journal is at diary-x, where I don't even have a guestbook & so I can't get used to the idea. I do like being able to comment & read comments, it's fun. I just can't seem to remember to go back to them and see what happened next. :)

This weekend was quite up and down. We're packing for the cottage we rented for next week, which is a lot of fun. Carl and I have decided to go pretty simple on the food - so bean salads, bread, cheese, and whichever produce is in season when we get there are figuring prominently. We did however decide not to leave ourselves to the mercy of the local wine store there and laid in a few bottles. It was also my dad's birthday so we took him to Remezzo's, which did us proud. Other than that it's the clean before we go drill.

Our green bell peppers and jalapenos produced lots, as well as a few cherry tomatoes, which was really nice. Gardening is such an unexpected pleasure in my life. The only downside is that our lavendar is not having a good year.

I'm grateful to have World Youth Day over with. The Catholic joy atmosphere (hymns on subways and youth going around being _both_ religious _and_ err, youthful) was starting to wear and tear on us. Religion in the system is one of the most contentious areas, right up there with sexuality, and so our resident Catholic, Teresa, was all misty eyed and spiritually connected, while Lynn, who hates God, doesn't mind Jesus, and intensely and savagely despises Mary, was having a rough time. Lyria was high on astral energy, and I was just vaguely pissed off and contemplating running away with some nice quiet Buddhists.

Carl, who is a former religious, listened to us all. He did watch all of the vespers service and the mass on TV, which makes me think in this area he probably is more on Teresa's wavelength than mine. Hey works for me. It'll be interesting to see if he ends up wanting to get back into churchy things, which he hasn't been into for a few years now.




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